PSP Accessory

Video game consoles have been around for decades with smaller hand held versions of them coming soon after. The PSP (PlayStation Portable) is no exception, being somewhere between a miniature version of the PlayStation 2, while also being almost a sort of PS 2.5. Along with hundreds of games to play on the system, along with just as many UMDs (Universal Media Discs), there are also dozens of PSP accessories. There’s everything from carrying cases to battery packs,

to the ability to turn your PSP into a small entertainment center.Soft Case with Wrist Strap
One of the many PSP accessories is a soft case and wrist strap. This case came with the PSP-1000, but none of the later models despite the obvious need and demand for it. It’s a slim foam case that is small enough to still fit easily into your pocket while also being sturdy and protective enough that if you were to accidentally bang your PSP against a table while it’s inside the case it won’t even be scratched. The wrist strap is also a very useful idea. It can be worn on the wrist while playing the console so that if you lose your grip and the PSP slips, it won’t fall any further than the give of the wrist strap (which is only a couple of inches).Skins, Decals and Faceplates
The original PSP came only in black.

While more colors have been introduced, many people want to further personalize their hand held console. For this reason, skins, decals and faceplates make great PSP accessories. By changing the colors or even by adding unique designs, the PSP gamer can be sure that his gaming system is unique to his or her own personality and turn their store bought item that all their friends have into something that can be one of a kind.Speakers
With PSP accessories, you can easily turn your gaming device into a miniature home theater system. Speakers made exclusively for the PSP let you plug your gaming system in so its sound can be projected for everyone to hear without the need for ear buds. This can be very useful to play UMDs for a more theatrical-like experience.Memory Cards and Expansion
The PSP accessory that you virtually cannot do without is a memory card. The memory card is where all your data (such as saved games) get stored. These come in data sizes allowing you to store more games or even photos and music. There’s also a memory expansion converter which allow you to use SD cards, Mini SD cards, or MMC memory cards instead of the PSP memory stick, allowing you a much greater amount of storage capability.

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