Kid-Time – Water Play – Free Entertainment

All children from 1 to 92 love to play in the water. It is free and requires very little space. Thanks to Joe Lessler of Buffalo New York when he developed the first lawn sprinkler which consisted of a flexible hose held in the tiny hands of a cast-iron base. Summer fun was never the same.For kids, water is as elemental as it gets. Maybe they’re fascinated by it because they started out as water creatures, with nine months of training in the womb. Or maybe because they can endlessly manipulate it, sloshing it, squirting it, pouring it from one cup to another; or be manipulated by it, floating, turning a weightless somersault, riding a wave to a sandy finish. There’s no end to the ways kids find to play with H2O.Babies love to experiment with cause and effect, and water brings a new set of possibilities: slap the surface and it splashes back; release a floaty toy underwater and it pops right up.Toddlers find water the perfect medium to bend to their developing wills. Scoop a cup of water and pour it out. Turn the water on and off and then on again.Preschoolers and kindergartners are intrigued by water pummeling power. The right spray nozzle makes it easy to channel the forces of water for good-saving parched lawns and drooping daises everywhere.Ages 8 to 10. Why does forcing water through a small opening make it spurt so far? That lesson in fluid dynamics is really just an excuse to have fun with the water hose.Ages 10 and up: A kid’s center of gravity changes as he/she grows, so balancing games are a challenge and the unpredictable water ups and down of the water hose provides just the amount of fun and challenge.So remember one of the best ways of having summer fun is to take out the garden hose and start playing!

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